Garage Floor Cleaning and Oil Stain Removal

Published on July 14, 2018

Pressure Washing Projects

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Garage cleaning can be tough job, especially when you're cleaning one that was used by a car mechanic. However, we at Clean Commercial never leave a job half finished!

When we were invited to clean a car garage, we knew that a simple pressyre washing wasn't going to be enough, so we developed a technique to clean concrete that both our customers and us are very happy with. Before we go into the details take a look at this example.

Here's how you can expect a concrete tile to look after a simple pressure washing service:

Before Concrete Cleaning

It's clean but not very impressive. Now, take a look at this concrete tile after our special technique has been applied:

After Concrete Cleaning

Isn't that just beautiful? Don't worry, this is only the beginning. Our process gets better over time, contact us if you ever want to test our skills. We think you'll be surprised with what we're capable of today.

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