Pressure Washing Cafe Rio's Storefront and Siding

Published on April 02, 2018

Pressure Washing Projects

Early in the morning is the best time for pressure washing commercial properties

We offer promotional cleaning services from time to time because it gives us a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to neighboring businesses as well as test out new equipment and/or employees. We don't do promotional cleaning very often but we still treat it just like any other job. Just because we don't get paid for the work doesn't mean we don't take things seriously and we think the good folks at Cafe Rio in Henderson can attest to that.

An efficient process for cleaning commercial properties

We've developed a very thorough process for cleaning commercial properties, of course, we won't disclose all the details here but we'll touch on a few key points we found to be important when cleaning commercial properties of varying types.

Promotional pressure washing for small businesses in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada

We'll often help local small businesses in the area as a way of saying thanks and staying connected with our neighbors. If you're a small business in Henderson or Las Vegas, let's talk! If you want to keep our community shiny and clean - fill out the form with your name, email, and mention promotional pressure washing in the description below.

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