Concrete walkway restoration from prolonged water damage

Published on October 18, 2019

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Our concrete walkway restoration method is nearly unmatched in Las Vegas

Walkways deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to the Las Vegas sun for long periods of time - we see this all the time and we know just how to fix it. Concrete deteriation is a recurring problem in Las Vegas, fortunately it has a very simple solution - one that we've perfected over the years.

Inspecting a walkway before concrete restoration

Wide shot of walkway concrete before restoration

Notice how the concrete shows years of neglect and some parts are deterioating faster than others, especially the edges where water makes contact. It also appears that the concrete had a layer of tiles that were removed and not cleaned up properly which gives it an odd pattern of dirt that has accumulated on top.

Pressure washing exposes weaknesses in old concrete

Closeup shot of doorway concrete before restoration

We started our work by pressure washing dirt and grive, exposing any areas that have deteriorated and need fixing with our prepared concrete solution. Taking a closer look during cleaning, you can find areas in the concrete that have been eroded over the years.

Inspecting and cleaning old concrete before pressure washing is very important

Closeup shot of doorway concrete during restoration

Pressure washing isn't the first step in restoring concrete. You also need to collect large pieces of exposed concrete before pressure washing. This is important so you're not accidently doing more damage to the conrete during cleaning.

Closeup shot of walkway concrete before restoration

We found that most of the damage to the concrete walkway happened because of water not draining properly. Once we understood the cause of the problem, we were able to come up with a solution for fixing the damaged concrete walkway.

Closeup shot of walkway concrete during restoration

This particular walkway needed special attention so we designed and installed custom concrete separation joints so that water can drain more easily into the landscaping nearby. We also dug a deeper ditch around the concrete so the water more elevated space to spread out faster while draining.

Closeup shot of walkway concrete with custom concrete separation joints during resotoration

It's important to solve the issue of drainage when it comes to maintaing your concrete walkway, this is true even in a dry area like Las Vegas. Water left behind on concrete will soak into the pores, combined with the hot sun evaporating it, the damage done to the concrete can be great if left untreated for a long time.

Taking a closer look at a walkway after concrete restoration

Wide shot of walkway concrete after restoration

The concrete of the walkway has been thoroughly pressure washed, dust and debris was cleaned away, and any broken edges and cracks were patched up. A fresh coating of a concrete coating product from Sherwin Williams was layered on top of the walkway to reinforce it from further decay.

Closeup shot of doorway concrete after restoration

We also painted the edges of the concrete to reduce future water damage.

Closeup shot of walkway concrete with custom concrete separation joints after resotoration

The secret to perfect concrete restoration is a lot of patience and a little bit of love

Final shot of walkway concrete after restoration

Contact us if you want to save money on replacing your old driveway or walkway - we can restore your concrete to mint condition at half amount it would cost to replace it.

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