A Brief History of Hygiene

Posted on February 17, 2020


  • We begin with an outline of the history of human hygiene, exploring how our knowledge of bacteria and viruses helped develop the civilization we live in today

  • With our current knowledge of biology and the increase of information, we tackle questions such as:
    • How did this knowledge changed the way we consider our personal hygiene and the hygiene of our communities, towns and cities

    • How did this lack of knowledge contribute to epidemics like the Black Plague which decimated Europe during the dark ages

    • How does our over-reliance on information, trade and travel in a globally connected world presents new challenges with dealing with modern pandemics like COVID-19

  • Lastly, we identify the parallels of a clean environment and it's connection to a healthy immune system and how routine cleaning can help to maintain a healthy and prosperous community

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